Chávez's flare present in Irreversibility... like the full moon

Chávez’s flare present in Irreversibility… like the full moon

This Thursday the Teresa Carreño Theater was the scene of the presentation of the book Irreversibility… like the full moon. Chronicle of the last proclamation.

In the words of its author, Jorge Arreaza, in this book, loaded with history and feelings, the flare of Commander Hugo Chávez is present.

The Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, recounted that when writing this chronicle he felt a burning sensation in his fingers that reminded him of the flare that Commander Chávez spoke of when referring to the writings of César Rengifo, Alberto Arvelo Torrealba and other Latin American authors on the so-called “llama of Ezequiel Zamora”, a Venezuelan revolutionary.

Referring to the message of Commander Chávez contained in the book, he highlighted the importance of his preparation and of that flare that he left behind. “The data of all the attacks that Venezuela has received (…) would indicate that it was impossible to overcome this moment, this war, and yet, we are here, for a reason ten years later we can write this story,” said Arreaza.

Words loaded with history and feeling

About the text, the author said that it was written at the insistence of the President Nicolas Madurobecause he considered him the only witness of the moment in which Commander Chávez entrusted him with the destinies of the country, since he was taking notes.

He confessed that he tried to avoid this mission because of the pain of remembering those difficult moments for the country, for the Commander, for the people and for him personally. However, before the tenth anniversary of the proclamation arrived, the president asked him again to write it and he did so, completing the task.

“I must confess that it was spiritually difficult,” he expressed regarding the effort that writing implied for him, since each word had great strength, was impregnated with a historical charge, with a feeling, “and he was exhausted from writing.”

Ministers Ricardo Menéndez and Ernesto Villegas accompanied the presentation of the book and agreed to highlight that it constitutes a reference in the study of the recent history of Venezuela.

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