Chartists delay intervention in Guaira

Chartists delay intervention in Guaira

Last February, the Departmental Board of Guairá approved the intervention of the government. This, after detecting irregularities in the management of Governor Juan Carlos Vera (Chartist NRA) in the handling of US$ 2 million that the central government delivered to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

The request for intervention should be dealt with in the extraordinary session on Wednesday, however, the chartists left without a quorum. With this, the treatment is extended for another week.

Sebastián Villarejo, national deputy for the PPQ, was in favor of the creation of a commission that will investigate the governor of Guairá. At the same time, he asked the Colorados “to put aside the circus.”

The deputy of Patria Querida, Sebastián Villarejo, recriminated the colorados whom he asked to stop “doing circuses”, since he recalled that Añetete a few weeks ago helped save Sandra Quiñónez from impeachment and today they are requesting that the circus be investigated. Governor of Guairá, Juan Carlos Vera, of Honor Colorado.

“Enough of the circus in every sense. Two weeks ago they came together to save the state attorney general and even one of those who was there was Éver Noguera, who urges the Government of Guairá to intervene, but they saved the prosecutor who was supposed to investigate the governor. There are contradictions that one does not understand, ”he questioned.

The deputy gave his support to the creation of the commission, since he indicated that “there are 200,000 guaireños who are being robbed and something must be done. Two weeks ago they were friends and now they are enemies”, he questioned, alluding to chartists and officialists.

He finally said that the story of harmony, of the scar and the fight between colorados is no longer bought.

The Departmental Board of Guairá requested the intervention of the government for many irregularities in the management of Vera. The SET confirmed several administrative irregularities, such as cloned invoices and speaks of a loss of US$ 1 million.

Juan Carlos Vera, governor of Guairá, gave his version of the events to Ñanduti AM. He expressed that he only signed a single payment for the lights of the Guaireña stadium.

“There was only one disbursement, there is no double payment. All the constructions that were made with the reactivation fund are done. There are no ghost works. A series of observations came from the Comptroller regarding the reactivation funds that have been met, ”he said.

He highlighted that last year it had a score of 8.7% as one of the best governors in the country, and he believes that this year they will have that good rating again.

“The Guairá Park has a little more than 15 hectares and within it is the Guaireña stadium. As an agreement we give that property to the club. We pay for the maintenance of the Park”, he explained.

He finally said that these attacks have a political background.

Sebastian Villarejo, deputy.

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