Changes in the Government: Roberto Estay, former chief of staff of Minister Siches, resigns from the Ministry of the Interior

In the middle of the first public account of the President Gabriel Boricin the National Congress, in Valparaíso, the resignation of Robert Estay to the Ministry of the Interior.

Estay was the chief of staff that the minister had, Izkia Sichesuntil the arrival of Ana Lya Uriarte, this after the political errors that the head of the Interior made at the beginning, since Estay was held responsible for these events. The news was given by Third, while the President spoke in Valparaíso.

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By profession an oncologist and militant of Social Convergence, Estay was close to Siches since she was the president of the Medical Association. She also presided over Residentes Chile and the “satellite” group.

Despite being constantly accused of the interior minister’s mistakes, Izkia Siches herself supported him. “Obviously from the Ministry of the Interior we are always working to strengthen our team, but when there are announcements, I will make them personally and not because they are published in the press,” said the Secretary of State the day after learning of Estay’s resignation request. .

Even the President referred to the issue, indicating that “trust positions are trusted by the head of service, and on that we totally agree with Minister Siches (…) I do not have an argument with Minister Siches on this, I meet with the minister practically every day, we are aligned. All the adjustments that have to be made in the Interior teams will be announced by the minister”.

Once he was replaced by Lya Uriarte in May, Estay continued working at Interior until today when his resignation became a reality.

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