Chambers of commerce of Cuba and Catalonia extend ties

The Cuban Chamber of Commerce renewed this Friday the Agreement of Collaboration with the General Council of Chambers of Catalonia, as part of the activities carried out by a delegation of businessmen from the island to Spain.

The delegation is headed by the head of the Cuban entity, Antonio Carricarte, and has participated in two forums with the association of industrial companies, as well as with the General Council of the Chamber of Catalonia, according to a report from the agency Latin Press (PL).

The Cuban executive held exchanges with various businessmen during his visit to the Barcelona Building Construmat Fair, devoted to construction.

Beforehand, he met with senior representatives of the sector in Spain, including the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, and the president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi.

Along with Marcelino Medina, Cuban ambassador to the European nation, Caricarte was at the headquarters of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce to participate in the XXXIII session of the Cuba-Spain Binational Business Committee, where the work plan for the period 2023-2023 was approved. 2024.

Spain is one of the main island trading partners, where more than 200 companies from the Iberian nation are present. Beyond the historical cultural ties between the two countries, Spain has played a significant role in opening Cuba to foreign companies and investment, while serving as a gateway to Europe.

Proof of this growing interest in the participation of Spanish businessmen in the Cuban economy was the recent meeting “How to do business with Spain”, which brought together Spanish authorities, representatives and businessmen and a large group of Cuban entrepreneurs.

The event, organized by the Commercial and Economic Office of the Spanish Embassy in Havana, had the objective of providing information and tools to private entrepreneurs on the island to facilitate possible business and exports, as well as the search for potential investors and associations with companies from that European nation.

Spain opens the door to Cuban MSMEs

“We work closely with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and with the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy, ​​and we can help them in everything they need to carry out their businesses and interact with Spanish companies,” said in that forum Joaquín Samperio, president of the Association of Spanish Entrepreneurs in Cuba (AEEC).

This organization, officially founded in 1994, has more than 250 members and covers a broad business spectrum, from manufacturers and distributors to banks and hotel chains.

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