Urgent ode to the Social Communication Law (and a coda)

Urgent ode to the Social Communication Law (and a coda)

to scare the flock

that represses the dictator

(the one of the repressive body).

I speak of an unjust law.

The regime that scares

what the people think and feel

he’s going to arrest people

just for a “like”.

“I like” on social networks,

leave a powerful message.

and their generals think,

his thugs, his prosecutors

that will have to be penalized

repress and punish

all virtual interaction

who criticizes the mayoral

Let’s talk about the content

pathetic of that law

that terrifies the entire batey

of fury and sound.

Let’s talk pathos!

Pioneers: Communism

he no longer hides his mask.

That led us to the abyss.

To whoever makes a comment

in some social network

against the general

his prison regime

or our wine so sour

(it doesn’t matter if it’s our wine),

the murderous regime

He’s going to imprison you

Who publishes text, note,

report, editorial…

to criticize the General

who rationed the compote

to the restless population,

will end up in the ditch

Or you’ll go to prison

because that Revolution

In Cuba, the dynasty

who rules in his palace

wants cyberspace

where citizenship

stands up to his tyranny

don’t go viral

to insult the General,

to his repressive body,

If you like the content

that offers 14ymedio,

because knowledge is remedy

who opposes nonsense

that the Party has imposed on us

remember: there will be no mercy

against whoever says or publishes

something against the Cacique


Coda: I leave you this interview I made Jorge de Armas and post hypermedia where I talk about “Ideological Diversionism” —this weekly column— and explore my obsession with Cuba, the décimas and other chronic pains and pleasures.

It concludes with my reading of a unusual text: a string of 160 eight syllables that do not rhyme. That you don’t always have to rhyme. The forced foot gave it to me “The Cuban Point”a beautiful poem by Legna Rodríguez Iglesias.


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