The country reiterates its commitment to combat crime in Moscow

Venezuela participated in the XI International Meeting of Senior Officials Responsible for Security Issues, held in Moscow, Russia, from May 23 to 25.

This was announced by the Vice Minister for Europe of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Franklin Ramírez through his Twitter account.

“We participated together with the MG @OrnelasFJose at the XI International Meeting of Senior Officials Responsible for Security, in Moscow, from May 23 to 25. Venezuela reaffirms its commitment to security and the fight against crime. (1/3)”, published Ramírez.

He explained that at the meeting, Venezuela advocated the creation of stable security conditions, and reiterated its commitment to promote public security through the fight against crime.

“Venezuela expresses its solid will for global security and the primary attention to cybercrime and its tireless fight against drug trafficking, topics developed at the meeting,” he wrote in another tweet.

In another publication, he said that he denounced “the use of security issues as false flags to impose coercive measures, such as the inclusion of Venezuela on blacklists, especially when the person doing so is the largest drug consumer in the world.”

Work table

According to a press release from the Foreign Ministry, the Venezuelan delegation participated in the working group on “International cooperation in the fight against illicit drug trafficking,” in which the vice minister highlighted Venezuela’s commitment to the fight against drug trafficking .

In this regard, he explained that this global scourge against public health and safety has been used in a manipulated manner by the United States government, the country with the highest rate of consumption of this type of substance; to harass nations and apply measures that unilaterally violate International Law.

Likewise, he specified that Venezuela maintains a firm protocol to combat this crime, which is evidenced by the continuous shooting down of aircraft that enter the national airspace and the permanent seizure of drug shipments, which cartels intend to transport through Venezuelan territory.

For his part, MG Ornelas Ferreira assured that Venezuela maintains a firm commitment to promoting security by combating the scourge of cybercrime and other areas of public security.

In addition, he highlighted Venezuela’s commitment to the formation and stabilization of security in the context of a multipolar and multicentric world.

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