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CESFronT seizes 300,000 units of Capital and Jaisalmer brand cigarettes

El Caribe

Dajabon. – The Specialized Land Border Security Corps (CESFronT) seized this Saturday, 300,000 units of cigarettes of foreign origin through intelligence work in Dajabon.

Members of CESFront assigned to duty at the Battle of Sabana Larga Border Operations Base, in the La Ciénaga section, seized a white Toyota 4Runner model jeep, license plate G522298, in which they found 1,500 packs of cigarettes, of which which 1,250 are Capital brand and 250 Jaisalmer.

The vehicle was abandoned by the driver, after fleeing moments in which he found himself cornered by the soldiers of the institution.

What was seized along with the vehicle, were transferred to the aforementioned base of operations, for the corresponding legal purposes.

A week ago, the institution that is in charge of border security, with the support of members of the North Regional Directorate of the National Police, seized 767,600 units of Capital brand cigarettes from inside two SUVs in the municipality of Imbert, Puerto Plata.

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