César Nakazaki on Villaverde's statements: "Here what rules is what can be corroborated"

César Nakazaki on Villaverde’s statements: “Here what rules is what can be corroborated”

lawyer of assured that the statements of the businessman to the Public Ministry will not be corroborated with facts, unlike what his client has affirmed.

“[¿Villaverde podrá presentar audios o pruebas de sus afirmaciones?] No, because enough water has already passed under the bridge, he says that the two million he gave to Karelim is for the purchase of biodiesel, but in that case everyone has already declared, why do you think that case is still a preliminary investigation? ”, manifested.

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“Here what rules is what can be corroborated. In the case of Karelim López, his statements have allowed him to open the investigations for the Tarata case”, he added.

“Don’t believe anyone. [Villaverde y López]wait for what is corroborated, several of the reports are for their statements [de López] that is why in the Tarata case he is free”, held .

Along these lines, he pointed out that there is a campaign to obtain the freedom of Villaverde García and lamented this situation since he considered that the confrontation between two collaborators of justice “only favors President Pedro Castillo.”


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