Abel Martínez dice país está sumido en el caos y la incertidumbre

Abel Martínez says the country is mired in chaos and uncertainty

The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Abel Martinez affirmed yesterday that the Government has plunged Dominicans into chaos, uncertainty, insecurity and despair due to its marked inability to rule.

Martínez indicated that the country has a ruler who lives in a bubble, who only sees his surroundings and cannot feel or know the reality of those who are outside of it, so he invited him to get out of there and look at the housewives. , young people without opportunities and desperate parents for not having enough to feed their children.

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“Outside that bubble are the Dominicans who are fearful of the delinquency that robs them, kills them, rapes the women and takes away their hope of a better future,” said Martínez, the PLD leader.

Martínez spoke in those terms, indicates a communication, in the swearing-in of the provincial team of his political project in La Romanawhere he also said that the current ruler “looks desperate because the population is demanding that he keep his promises and abandon the populist speeches that only make headlines.”

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He stated that the president Louis Abinader He has forgotten that the presidential elections in which he was elected have passed and that he has been making excuses for half of the government term, promising the same thing that he offered in the campaign and that he has failed to fulfill.

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