Central Health Region will have its first vaccine storage

Central Health Region will have its first vaccine storage

IP Agency.- The Sanitary Region of the Central department began work to install a cold room for the storage of vaccines, which will be the first of its kind under its administration.

According to projections, the installation will be completed in two weeks, and will allow the local storage of approximately one million doses of vaccines.

It will have a conservation system in adequate light and temperature conditions and, in this way, the health region will have, in its own department, the autonomy to handle, transport and distribute the biologicals to its different dependent services.

The installation represents a great advance for the XI Health Region, which will already have the autonomy to manage, transport and distribute the doses to its different services.

The works are possible through a cooperation of the Government of Japan, through Unicef, as part of the project “Strengthening cold chain systems to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, in Paraguay”.

The project contributed to the acquisition of equipment to preserve the ultra-cold chain of vaccines against Covid-19, in addition to its installation and training of personnel for the installation of the equipment, and of the personnel in charge of vaccination.

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