Congressman Agüero on Dina Boluarte: "If she has committed an infraction, she will have to be sanctioned"

Congressman Agüero on Dina Boluarte: “If she has committed an infraction, she will have to be sanctioned”

the congresswoman (Perú Libre) ruled on the constitutional complaints presented by the groups of Avanza País and Renovación Popular against the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, for an alleged infringement of the Magna Carta.

I don’t support people, what I would have to support are actions. If you have committed an infraction, you will have to be punished for it. If a fault is committed, it has to be assumed”, declared the parliamentarian to the press when asked about a possible support for the also vice president of the Republic.

In that sense, Agüero stressed that from the official bench they are objective and they will only issue an opinion on this case when the first results of the investigations against Boluarte are seen.

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We in the bench are quite objective and we express our opinions when the results are given. We don’t want speculation because something that the population demands of us when we go to the regions is: ‘enough speculation’“, said.

The groupings of Country advances Y People’s Renewal filed accusations against the head of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion with the support that would have committed an infraction to article 126 of the Constitution, because -according to a report from the Comptroller’s Office- Boluarte Zegarra signed documents as president of the private association Club Departamental Apurímac being an official.

For this reason, both benches have requested that Dina Boluarte be removed from the position of Vice President of the Republic and be disqualified from public office for 10 years.


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