carry out traffic studies

carry out traffic studies

The director of the National Institute of Transit and Ground Transportation (Intrant), Hugo Berasreported this Wednesday that a foreign company is doing a study on micro simulation of the city to determine the road load and determine the measures to be taken to improve the transit.

When asked when the announced road pair would be implemented for the avenues Winston Churchill and Abraham LincolnBeras said that a technological survey is being carried out to specify the behavior not only of the road pair, but also in the streets that have changed direction.

“What additional needs to be done, such as the traffic light changes as well, all of this the micro-simulation will allow. In October, we will receive the study of four important avenues, Kennedy, February 27, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, to see their behavior, to see where there may be exclusive lanes for the collective bus transport system”, held.

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The official stated that in November of this year the study will be completed in the entire central polygon and in December the entire National District and between January and February 2023 it will cover all of Greater Santo Domingo.

“You have to complete the micro simulation and that automatically determines what decisions you have to make about the study that exists and now, instead of being a test pilot, the micro simulation tells you what the vehicle behavior is”Hugo BerasDirector of the intranet

In relation to transit of heavy vehicles, Hugo Beras He said that next week a technological center for monitoring and managing the behavior of cargo vehicles will be inaugurated.

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