Caring for the environment is the goal of Move for Good

Caring for the environment is the goal of Move for Good

Putting into practice actions with a sense of social responsibility and sustainability is an obligation that all companies, private or public, must carry out. The conservation of the environment is the main objective of this dynamic that is underway with different actions.

Interviewed by El Economista, Javier Mier y Terán, general director of the Fleet and Mobility unit at Edenred México, detailed the Move for Good program.

“It is a program that we had presented less than a year ago in Mexico under the ECO2 brand, and now we have relaunched it worldwide that includes our country. With him, Edenred has an interest and an occupation to contribute to the improvement of the environment. We are carrying out the mitigation of CO2 emissions in two ways. The first is through our own business of optimizing fuel consumption for our clients by obtaining better performance in liters per kilometer, and the second, we made an alliance with the North American company GreenPrint and with it we created programs where we compensate up to 50% of CO2 emissions. For example, last year we offset just over 65,000 metric tons of CO2, which is roughly equivalent to 54 million liters of fuel.”

This program, according to Edenred, is structured around 4 operating pillars: Awareness, Reduce and Avoid, Compensation and Preservation. In addition, its actions and scope will allow TicketCar customers (fuel management and fleet maintenance program), a solution to reduce, avoid and offset carbon emissions while contributing to the recovery of the ecosystem.

“Ticket Car is aimed at companies of all kinds, both individuals with business activity and legal entities, who have the need to manage and administer fuel costs. The platform, through its controls, allows to be more efficient in how and where the fuel of the different vehicles that make up a fleet is being spent. We currently have fleets of more than 20,000 vehicles and others of 3. It is a very adaptable tool to the needs of our clients”.

In practice

The benefits of Move for Good are a reality and have already materialized in various regions of the country. “This plan works through specific programs to help the communities where we operate. For example, we have a wind energy project in Oaxaca where, in a wind farm, we bring these propellers through this program and the alliance with Green Print, who is in charge of their placement,” said the executive. In addition, customers who participate in this program receive a certificate that confirms that they are being socially responsible by offsetting their CO2 emissions through programs like this one and other types of community support. “We also have reforestation programs in Chiapas, Tabasco and Nayarit.”

Transition to electric vehicles

In countries with more advanced legislation regarding mobility and the adoption of cleaner technologies, companies are required to have a percentage of their units powered by cleaner systems.

“This is a program that is much more advanced in Europe than in Mexico or Latin America. A product is being launched with which not only fuel consumption can be managed, but also electric vehicle charges can now be managed. This way the company can track kilowatt hours to measure energy consumption. It is a program that starts in Europe and that is where we are going. There will be fleets in the future where electric vehicles coexist with fuel vehicles. In this way, there will be no need to deal with the transition from one management to another because one fleet charges electricity and the other fuel”.

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