Careers most in demand by the business sector

Careers most in demand by the business sector

Dominican businessmen point out that in the coming years professionals in areas related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (known as STEM) will be the most in demand in the country, but they express their concern that higher education academies are not training with based on market needs.

According to the study “Human talent training in the face of current and future demand in the Dominican Republic: Approach to professional and university technical programs”, recently presented by the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), careers with high demand and high salary growth are software engineering, programming technician, digital marketing, data analysis and cybersecurity.

In addition, the study concluded that the authorities should raise awareness of the high concentration in overcrowded traditional careers and low salary growth, such as Law, Accounting, Psychology and Business Administration.

It also indicates that in the survey carried out in the business sector Industrial Engineering, Data Sciences and Sales Technicians are considered among the most demanded degrees in the coming years.

He specifies that from the academy there are similar perspectives, where the careers of Technician in Programming, Software Engineering, Data Science and Cybersecurity are highlighted as the most needed in the next five to 10 years.

The sectors that demand them

According to the companies surveyed, among the 10 degrees with the highest hiring projection in the coming years there are those for the agricultural, industry and services sectors; there are five higher technical education.

It stands out that some measurements indicate that the productive sectors are having difficulty finding a properly educated workforce, to the point that 53% of the companies surveyed considered that the workforce in the Dominican Republic is a limitation for doing business.

Therefore, it is explained that it is important to carry out an assessment of the skills and competencies mismatches of the labor force in comparison with the requirements of employers.

salary advantage

The data of Work market indicate that the salary advantage of higher education is decreasing, since, although in the 1990s the growth of the salaries of workers graduated from university programs was 13%, for the period 2010-2019 it has been barely 5% , the same as the wage growth of people with a primary education level.

However, it indicates, when breaking down wage growth by career, that a wide dispersion is evident, this being a sign of the horizontal mismatch between supply and demand. For example, he details the study published by ANJEthat there are careers with a high salary level and high salary growth such as Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Telematics Engineering and Languages.

Other careers have had low pay and low salary growth, such as Accounting, Law, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Marketing, Bioanalysis, Dentistry and Medicine, among others.

Additionally, in the study of ANJE It is specified that the majority of Dominican university students are enrolled in five careers: Education, Psychology, Accounting, Medicine and Law. These five study programs account for 45% of the total enrollment, a percentage that has remained high over recent years.

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