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Canatame: Cars do not catch fire due to failures in the gasoline battery

Canatame: Cars do not catch fire due to failures in the gasoline battery

Gino Fileri, president of Canatame, denied that a car catches fire due to failures in the gasoline battery, but rather explains that the informality of the mechanics helps this. In addition, he talks about fuel contamination because there is a lack of maintenance in fuel tanks at service stations that have not been working for a long time

The president of the National Chamber of Mechanical Workshops (Canatame), Gino Fileri, denied this Thursday, May 4, that a vehicle starts spontaneously due to failures in the gasoline battery, as has been reported for several days in the state. Zulia, but rather it is an issue associated with informality when making cars mechanics.

In an interview granted to Circuit HitsFileri compared the choice of a mechanic or workshop to that of a doctor or a certain clinic, so the choice of a specialist who works on the street is similar to setting up an operating room in the backyard of the house.

He stressed that they are carrying out tests in Valencia, Carabobo state, where they have spent more than 120 hours with a gasoline pump running continuously to carry out different tests and with fuels purchased in states such as Zulia (from where the damage is currently being reported), Caracas and the capital of the Carabobo entity.

In this sense, the president of Canatame stressed that if ISO standards are met, there is nothing to lose.

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He said that the situation with the spontaneous combustion of vehicles in Zulia had already occurred in previous years in Caracas and was related to the lack of maintenance of gasoline containers in service stations that, by not attending to them, created sediments and they were not cleaned properly after receiving the fuel after a long time.

In maracaibo several vehicles have been set on fire amid questions about the quality of gasoline. Although Pdvsa denies that the events are linked to the poor quality of the gasoline that is dispatched in Maracaibo, experts question this.

“There have been failures in the refineries” of the Paraguaná complex, “responsible for processing, refining and distributing fuels for the Zulia state,” Hugo Hernández Raffalli, a former PDVSA director, told AFP.

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