Caggiani asked Lacalle to dismiss Heber and Bustillo for a passport to Marset

The Frente Amplio Senator Daniel Caggiani called for the resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, and the Chancellor, Francisco Bustillo, for having granted a passport to the drug trafficker Sebastián Marset while he was detained in Dubai for having entered with a bogus travel document from Paraguay.

Caggiani wrote on his Twitter account that He does not understand how President Luis Lacalle Pou “did not ask for the resignation of ministers Heber and Bustillo.”

“I can’t understand how the President of the Republic, who sometimes fires ministers on Twitter, didn’t make a statement about the Marset passport scandal, or how he didn’t ask ministers Heber and Bustillo to resign. It’s getting worse and worse.”expressed the legislator in his personal account.

Caggiani’s statements come days before the interpellation in Parliament to Heber and Bustillo for this controversy, next Monday, August 22 at 3:00 p.m. The call to the room will be led by mario bergara (Force Renovadora) and is motivated, according to the opposition, by the multitude of “dark points” that appear in the process and that must be clarified.

The Observer reported this Saturday that the government granted him a passport because Marset he had no open court cases nor was he requiredbut it did so at a time when the Ministry of the Interior I was collaborating with the DEA in an international investigation carried out by the Paraguay anti -drug secretariat.

In addition to enabling the passport, the Foreign Ministry agreed to deliver it personally to trusted people of the drug traffickerinstead of doing the process by diplomatic bag (which would have taken several more days and meant the deportation of Marset to Paraguay).

The drug trafficker used this passport to get out of prison in Dubai. weeks later Interpol began its search with a code red alert. The Uruguayan police suspect that Marset is in South Africa, while the investigation in Paraguay points to Mozambique.

as he knew The Observer From interior sources and the Foreign Ministry, the central argument of their answers will be that the document was delivered to him because complied with all current regulationssince it did not have open causes nor was it required, and that the responsibility corresponds to the Broad Front for having changed the demands, something in which the Front disagrees and maintains that the change in regulations in 2014 strengthened the security of passport issuance.

Heber said Tuesday that “There was no requirement or red alerts by Interpol” when his portfolio gave Marset his passport. “There was no notice,” he insisted, and affirmed that “this is part of the explanation” that he will give in Parliament.

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