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Roland Carreño’s hearing is scheduled for this Thursday, August 18

Roland Carreno, The National
Photo: @RolandCarreño

The oral and public trial hearing of the Venezuelan journalist and activist of the Voluntad Popular party Roland Carreño, detained for 662 days, is scheduled to continue this Thursday, August 18.

“There would be little evidence to complete this trial. The trial has been developed normally, we have evacuated each of the witnesses that have been summoned. In a month we can be culminating the trial and have a sentence, ”said the lawyer defending Joel García.

Carreño was arrested on October 26, 2020 by police officers who kept him missing for more than 12 hours. On October 27 of that year it was confirmed that he was at the headquarters of Sebin in the Helicoid.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the court in the case coincide in pointing out that the journalist was detained “in flagrante delicto”, because at the time of the arrest “an unarmed model AM-15 5.56 caliber rifle with 17 ammunition was seized from him”, as reported in October 2020 the Supreme justice court.

The journalist was charged with the commission of terrorism financing crimes, conspiracy against the political form and illicit traffic of weapons of war.

Subsequently, his defense reported that he was also accused of “association to commit crimes.”

In addition, the attorney general, Tarek William Saab, assured that Carreño “is the main” financier of Voluntad Popular and that at the time of his arrest he had 12,000 dollars in cash with him, while they found conversations on his mobile that accounted for the distribution of other $60,000 for acts of “conspiracy.”

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