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Caged: Brazil generates 155 thousand formal jobs in January

Brazil ended January 2022 with a balance of 155,178 formal jobs, according to the balance of the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Novo Caged) presented today (10) by the Ministry of Economy. The January balance resulted from 1,777,646 admissions and 1,622,468 dismissals. As a result, the stock of formal jobs in the country reached 40,833,533, which represents a variation of 0.38% in relation to the stock of the previous month.Caged: Brazil generates 155 thousand formal jobs in January

The numbers show that, in the month of January, four of the five groups of economic activities had a positive balance, with emphasis on the service sector, with the generation of 102,026 new formal jobs. The highlight is the information, communication and financial, real estate, professional and administrative activities, which generated 58,773 jobs.

Next comes the general industry, which generated 51,419 jobs; civil construction, with 36,809 posts and Agriculture, livestock, forestry production, fishing and aquaculture, with 25,014 posts. The commerce sector had a negative balance of 60,088 jobs.

“There were 15,600 admissions and 12,517 dismissals in the form of intermittent work – the company hires an employee to provide services on a sporadic basis – generating a balance of 3,083 jobs, involving 3,784 contracting establishments. A total of 201 employees had more than one contract as part-time workers,” the ministry said.

In January 2022, there were 21,367 admissions and 17,538 dismissals in the form of intermittent work, generating a balance of 3,829 jobs, involving 4,827 contracting establishments. In addition, 355 employees signed more than one contract as part-time workers.

“From the point of view of economic activities, the balance of employment in the intermittent work modality was distributed by services (+2,592 posts), civil construction (+1,256 posts), general industry (+824 posts), agriculture (+81 posts ) and commerce (-924 posts)”, informed the Ministry of Economy.

In relation to part-time work, 16,370 admissions and 15,687 dismissals were recorded, generating a balance of 683 jobs, involving 6,578 contracting establishments. A total of 96 employees had more than one part-time contract.

Among economic activities, the balance of part-time employment was distributed as follows: general industry, with 1,312 jobs; services, with 121 stations; construction, with 55 jobs, agriculture, with 32 jobs and commerce, with a negative balance of 773 jobs.

Termination with agreement

In January 2022, there were 17,975 dismissals through an agreement between employer and employee, involving 12,294 establishments, in a universe of 11,419 companies. There were 49 employees who performed more than one termination.


According to Novo Caged, in January 2022, only 19 of the 27 states recorded positive balances. Among the states that generated the most jobs, São Paulo stands out, with 48,355 new jobs. Santa Catarina, with 23,358, and Paraná, with 18,351.

The states that presented the greatest negative balance of vacancies were: Sergipe, with -1,253 positions; Ceará, with -1,508 posts and Rio Grande do Norte, with -2,430 posts.


For the entire national territory, the average admission salary in January 2022 was R$ 1,920.59. Compared to the previous month, there was a real increase of R$ 115.24 in the average admission salary, a variation of around 6.38%.

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