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Caged: Brazil creates 136 thousand formal jobs in March

Brazil ended March 2022 with the creation of 136,189 formal jobs, according to the balance of the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Novo Caged) presented this Thursday (28) by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The number is lower than the 153,431 new jobs created in March last year. Caged: Brazil creates 136 thousand formal jobs in March

Last March’s balance was the result of 1,953,071 hires minus 1,816,882 layoffs. The stock of formal jobs, which is the total amount of active CLT contracts in the country, ended March with 41.2 million employees, a positive change of 0.33% in relation to the previous month. In 2022, a balance of 615,173 jobs was recorded, resulting from 5,820,897 admissions and 5,205,724 dismissals.

“This is the third consecutive month that we have seen growth in the creation of new jobs”, highlighted minister José Carlos Oliveira, during the presentation of the result. “It allows us to dream of a cumulative number at the end of 2022 that is higher than what we had planned, which was about a million new jobs,” he added.

The data show that a positive balance in the level of employment in March was registered in four of the five groups of economic activities. Most of the 111,513 new jobs were generated in the service sector, distributed mainly in information, communication and financial, real estate, professional and administrative activities.

The civil construction sector was the second to generate more jobs in March, with a positive balance of 25,059 jobs, followed by industry (15,260 new jobs) and commerce, with a balance of 352. The agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing and aquaculture had a negative balance of job creation, with 15,995 more dismissals than hiring.


In regional terms, the month of March had a positive balance of jobs in four of the five geographic regions of the country. In the Southeast, there were 75,804 new jobs, followed by the South, with 33,601 jobs; Midwest, which generated 33,601 jobs and the North, with a positive balance of 9,357 jobs. In the Northeast, the balance of job creation was negative, with the dismissal of 4,963 positions in relation to hiring. The ministry’s explanation for the negative balance in the Northeast is the period of demobilization of the sugarcane sector, especially in the states of Sergipe, Pernambuco and Alagoas, with the dismissal of temporary workers.

In March, 23 of the 27 registered positive balances in job creation. The states with the best results were São Paulo (34,010 jobs), Minas Gerais (27,452 jobs) and Rio Grande do Sul (13,744 jobs). The states with the worst balances, in which there were more layoffs than hiring, were precisely in the Northeast: Sergipe (-2,502 jobs), Pernambuco (-6,091 jobs) and Alagoas (-10,029 jobs).


According to data from Novo Caged, the average admission salary in March 2022 was BRL 1,872.07. The value is lower than that recorded in February, with a decrease of R$ 38.72, which is equivalent to a variation of -2.03%. It is the third month in a row that the average admission salary has been falling in the country.

intermittent work

In March of this year, Novo Caged registered 25,600 admissions and 18,658 dismissals in the form of intermittent work, generating a balance of 6,942 jobs.

A total of 5,382 contracting establishments and 228 employees signed more than one contract as part-time workers.

In terms of economic activities, the balance of employment in the form of intermittent work was distributed among services (+4,842 posts), construction (+1,596 posts), general industry (+733 posts), agriculture (-9 posts) and commerce ( -220 posts).

Regarding part-time work, 21,574 admissions and 16,581 dismissals were recorded, a balance of 4,993 jobs. There were 9,043 contracting establishments and 107 employees who entered into more than one part-time contract.

From the point of view of economic activities, the balance of part-time employment was distributed among services (+3,850 posts), commerce (+1,044 posts), general industry (+67 posts), construction (+38 posts) and agriculture (-6 posts).

The balance of part-time employment was distributed as follows by sector: services (5,615 posts), general industry (2,286 posts), commerce (1,167 posts), construction (241 posts) and agriculture (209 posts).

In March 2022, there were still 22,440 dismissals through an agreement between employer and employee, according to rules in the Labor Reform. These layoffs involved 14,963 establishments, in a universe of 13,881 companies. There were 44 employees who made more than one dismissal by means of an agreement with the employer, informed the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

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