Ramiro Meneses and Aida Bossa are saved from going to the elimination challenge in MasterChef

Ramiro Meneses and Aida Morales are saved from elimination in Masterchef

A new challenge of salvation was carried out in the kitchen of celebrity masterchef, in which they had to cook chicken, the way they wanted.

For this challenge, the celebrities had to make pairs of free choice and the dish had to be prepared in 45 minutes.

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The famous looked for their pair, with whom they had more ‘feeling’. Thus, Ramiro stayed with Aida Morales, Tatán with Manuela, Chicho with Estiwar G, Natalia with Aida Bossa and the last pair was by discard; Isabella and Aco Pérez.

The contestants only had three minutes to shop in the pantry and choose all the necessary implements for the dish. However, Manuela didn’t make it out in time and got locked in, so she had to trade her ingredients.

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The participants carried out their preparations, however, they ran short of time and many presented the dish without it being at the end they wanted.

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