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Cabello: the UN and the empire are not going to abandon their plan to attack us

Cabello: the UN and the empire are not going to abandon their plan to attack us

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, issued this Monday his rejection of the report delivered by a supposed International Mission presented at the United Nations (UN).

“The UN is going to continue, they are never going to stop, we do not think that they are going to give up at some point. If you compare the scandals of previous years, what happened now was nothing, this year they didn’t name Narnia anywhere. They mount a campaign against Venezuela, we would like them to leave our country alone », he said.

Venezuela ruled this Monday on the matter through a statement. The document adds that this politicized use of human rights is used “as a tool to undermine the sovereignty of those States that do not submit to the designs of hegemonic control desired by some powers.”

Campaign against Venezuela

He also assured that a campaign is being carried out against Venezuela through the Darien jungle.

“In that jungle there is better Wi-Fi than in Venezuela, everything they say that only Venezuelan migrants pass through there is a line from the media corporations against the country. All those interviewed say that they are being persecuted, what a coincidence,” she added.

Cabello reiterated the call to the population to defend the Homeland. “Let no one believe that imperialism is on vacation, imperialism does not have vacations, there is everything they set up in the UN, trying to harm and continue harming our country, but fortunately they could not.”

In this sense, he assured that Venezuela is still standing and the president is still Nicolás Maduro. “They continue to accuse us of a thousand barbarities, at this point we are not blackmailing anyone, we are cured,” said the national leader of the PSUV.

“What he has been doing USA (USA) with the North Atlantic Organization (NATO), to deliver weapons indiscriminately to Ukraine, which according to themselves do not know what the destination of these weapons is, they make us think about the interest they have, “he said.

Likewise, he added that “President Maduro, by accepting the proposal made by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on a commission that helps in this is the logical thing to do, to prevent a war of great proportions from affecting the world! We are all going to see each other! affected!”

In addition, he assured that the crisis that Europe is experiencing due to the cold wave and food is due to the North American determination to attack the Russian Federation.

“The war is not won by anyone, losers are everywhere, humanity loses, hopefully they can stop this in time, meanwhile there they continue to encourage a senseless war from the first moment.”

They reject attack from Brazil

Diosdado Cabello described as an aggression the decision of the Chilean government to deny visas to the players of our volleyball team so that they could participate in a series of competitions to qualify for the Pan American Games.

“Our solidarity with our boys and girls who were mistreated by that government that pretends to be a defender of Human Rights. These actions of the Boric government are sad, embarrassing and speak very poorly of those who direct migration in that country,” he said.

The entrance Cabello: the UN and the empire are not going to abandon their plan to attack us was first published in Last News.

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