Cabello: the PSUV supports dialogue with whoever and whenever

Cabello: the PSUV supports dialogue with whoever and whenever

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, assured this Monday that the Party supports the national dialogue process “with whoever and whenever.”

During the Party’s weekly press conference, he stated that this does not scare the revolutionaries and women revolutionaries.

«Dialogue does not scare us, dialogue does not scare us away, on the contrary; if someone has called for a national dialogue it has been the president Nicolas Maduro; He is not from now, he is years old, “said Cabello.

He also added, “welcome the dialogue as many times as necessary. Us we have the resources that they would like to have, are materials that they need to continue living at the expense of the countries that have less,” he said.

He recalled that in Venezuela all processes are respected, “we respect so that they respect us, we do not interfere in anyone’s internal affairs, on the contrary. It makes no sense to talk about anything if they continue to sanction Venezuela,” he said.

However, he stressed that after sitting down to talk in France«the most sovereign European Union decided to continue with absurd sanctions against Venezuelans who do not hold any position in this country. It is imperial hatred,” he added.

He recalled that President Nicolás Maduro has always called for dialogue, “political spaces must not only be cared for, but defended.”

social background

Cabello also referred to the supposed social fund for Venezuela that is administered by the United Nations, “they are not helping us, those resources are ours and they have to return them to us.”

Those resources are ours. CITGO was stolen in the United Statess, that company belongs to the Venezuelans, it is our asset, we are the ones attacked, we are the ones attacked, they should begin by asking for forgiveness for what they have done to our people”, he expressed.

Cabello insisted that the money from the supposed fund of 3000 billion belongs to the Venezuelans, “that money belongs to us, they are stealing it from us, they do not want to give it to us, they have no moral authority, they are not the world’s police officers to dispossess us of our resources.

“They are used to that, remind Libya of how much was stolen from the Libyan reserves, ask if they have returned that money to the Libyan people,” he said.

He also added that Venezuela’s position is clear and firm, “we respect so that they respect us, we do not interfere in anyone’s internal affairs, we do not promote coups, on the contrary, we advocate for peace, democracy, for the recognizing the mutual respect of the peoples, for trying to save the world from wars”.

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