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Brazilian comes fourth at São Silvestre, in São Paulo

Brazilian comes fourth at São Silvestre, in São Paulo

Andrew Rotich Kwemoi, from Uganda, led the race from start to finish and won the São Silvestre 2022 race, for men, today (31), in São Paulo. He clocked a time of 44 minutes and 43 seconds.

Joseph Panga of Tanzania finished in Monday position, with 45min17. Maxwell Kortek Rotich, from Uganda, was in third place, with a time of 45min42.

The best Brazilian in the race was Fabio Jesus Correia, who was in fourth place. He, who ended the race under strong emotions, crossed the finish line in 46 minutes and 13 seconds, just a few seconds ahead of fifth place Moses Kibet: 46 minutes and 15 seconds.

Brazil also reached the São Silvestre podium in the women’s race. Brazilian Jenifer Nascimento crossed the finish line at fourth position, making the time 54 minutes and 2 seconds. The race was won by Kenyan Catherine Reline, who also led from start to finish, closing the race in 49 minutes and 39 seconds.

wheelchair users

Among the wheelchair users, the victory went to the Brazilian Carlos Antonio Guedes do Nascimento.

He finished the São Silvestre with a time of 54 minutes and 17 seconds. At Monday placement, Givaldo Augusto dos Santos clocked a time of 1 hour, six minutes and 22 seconds. Third place was achieved by Daniel Silva Nascimento, with a time of 1 hour, 13 minutes and 24 seconds.

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