Year 2023 will have 20 holidays, schedule to vacation

Year 2023 will have 20 holidays, schedule to vacation

Santa Marta Beach and 2023 Calendar. Photo: @bluradio @centropolis

Only two months will not have a single holiday.

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There are only a few hours left until 2023 arrives in Colombia, a year that will come loaded with great changes and one of those will be the number of holidays that the calendar will have.

For the year 2023, a total of 20 holidays are stipulated, of which 13 are “bridges”, that is, a weekend with a Monday off included, an occasion that is used by a large part of Colombians to tour different areas. from the country.

Santa Marta, Cartagena and La Guajira among the places preferred by Colombians to travel according to a recent study.

Year 2023 will have 20 holidays, schedule to vacation
Santa Marta beach. Photo: @bluradio.

The immediately previous year had 19 holidays in total and by 2023 they will be distributed as follows.

Before, it is worth adding that only two months you will not have holidays.

the holidays

January: Sunday 1: New Year and Monday 9: Three Kings Day.

February: There are no fixed holidays.

March: Monday 20: Saint Joseph’s Day.

April: Sunday 2: Palm Sunday, Thursday 6: Holy Thursday, Friday 7: Good Friday, Sunday 9: Resurrection Sunday.

May: Monday 1: Labor Day, Monday 22: Ascension Day.

June: Monday 12: Corpus Christi, Monday 19: Sacred Heart.

July: Monday 3: Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Thursday 20: Independence Day

August: Monday 7: Battle of Boyacá.

September: There are no holidays.

October: Monday 16: Columbus Day.

November Monday 6: All Saints, Monday 13: Independence of Cartagena.

December: Friday 8: Day of the Immaculate Conception, Monday 25: Christmas Day.

It should be remembered that holidays in Colombia are governed by the so-called “Emiliani Law”Law 51 of 1983, a reform to the Labor Code that allowed the majority of holidays to be passed to the first day of the week, and that they were rest days.

Cover photo: @bluradio @centropoliis

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