Bolsonaro ridicules DiCaprio's call to vote in Brazil's elections

Bolsonaro ridicules DiCaprio’s call to vote in Brazil’s elections

President Jair Bolsonaro responded with irony this Friday to a call from the American actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, critic of the far-right president, so that young people vote in the presidential elections in October in Brazil.

“Thank you for your support, Leo! It is very important that all Brazilians vote in the next elections.
Our people will decide if they want to maintain our sovereignty over the Amazon or want to be governed by thieves who serve foreign interests,” the president said in a message in English posted on his Twitter account.

Bolsonaro, who aspires to re-election in the October elections, responded in this way to a call by the artist on Thursday for young Brazilians to register for the elections and force, with their vote, a change in environmental protection policies.

“Brazil is home to the Amazon and other critical ecosystems in the face of climate change. What happens there concerns us all and young voters are key to promoting a change towards a healthy planet,” the artist wrote on the same social network, where he attached a link on information for electoral registration in Brazil.

This Friday is the most recent exchange between the Hollywood star and the Bolsonaro government, whom the protagonist of “Titanic” or “The Aviator” has especially criticized for handling the fires in the Amazon jungle since he took power in 2019.

DiCaprio has even joined the initiatives of various NGOs and international authorities that ask that any investment in Brazil
depend on firm commitments to the preservation of the Amazon, requests rejected by Bolsonaro as interference with Brazilian sovereignty.

In his irony-laden message this Friday, the far-right president also congratulated the star for her performance in “The Revenant,” that earned him the Oscar for best actor in 2016, and questioned that he had presented as current a photograph supposedly from 2003 in an Instagram post in 2019, in which he drew attention to the fires in the Brazilian jungle.

“There are people who want to arrest Brazilian citizens who make those kinds of mistakes. here in our country. But I am against that tyrannical idea, so I forgive you. Hugs from Brazil!” he added.

Several social networks have removed content published by Bolsonaro for containing false information and the Federal Supreme Court
He investigates him for spreading fake news. Some politicians close to the president have been convicted or sanctioned for disinformation.

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