Bolsonaro criticizes politicians who ordered to stay at home in the pandemic

Bolsonaro criticizes politicians who ordered to stay at home in the pandemic

The candidate for re-election to the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), criticized the politicians who ordered the population to stay at home during the pandemic. He spoke in Juazeiro (BA), in an agenda that also included neighboring Petrolina (PE), after riding a bull and participating in motorcycle racing.Bolsonaro criticizes politicians who ordered to stay at home in the pandemic

“We went through difficult times, like the pandemic, where governors and mayors, not all, forced you to stay at home. Those who forced you to stay at home, now you have to force them to stay at home, not voting for them again”, declared the president, alongside candidates for the elections, some of them former ministers of his government.

Bolsonaro recalled the difficult days of the covid-19 pandemic and stressed that the government has released resources for direct assistance to families and also for the purchase of vaccines.

“Our federal government mourns the deaths. On the other hand, he did everything to help those most in need. We gave Emergency Aid. In 2020, we spent the equivalent of 15 years of Bolsa Família. We also acquired vaccines for all Brazilians who wanted to take them. I didn’t force anyone to do anything. I respected the freedom of each of you. And I didn’t close a single trading house,” she said.

In the economic area, Bolsonaro highlighted the reduction of state taxes, supported by the federal government, and the withdrawal of taxes on fuel.

“We reduced state taxes and zeroed federal fuel taxes. Today in Brazil, almost all of it, gasoline is below R$ 5 and alcohol, below R$ 3. Brazil is starting to set an example for the world. We have no more inflation. Everything starts to go down in price, already in the third consecutive month,” he said.

According to the president, the country is on the right path in the economy and should invest in clean energy in the coming years, helping to strengthen the national system.

“Brazil is on the right path. Inflation down, more and more jobs popping up. Our Gross Domestic Product is also growing. Brazil is a power in the production of food and soon we will be a power in the generation of energy, because our wind farms on the coast are already starting to get off the ground. We will generate the equivalent of 50 Itaipus in energy. We will start exporting green nitrogen. Brazil is doomed to succeed,” he said.

At the end of the speech, Bolsonaro thanked the large audience and said he believed he could win the elections even in the first round, being supported by the audience present to the cries of “first round”.

“We believe in the Brazilian people, who on October 2nd will re-elect Jair Bolsonaro in the first round. It is a great satisfaction, anywhere in Brazil, I find a crowd like this, in green and yellow”, he declared.

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