Deputy Barchiesi (Republicans) and the ‘tightening’ of Team Patriota against UDI officials: “I think you have to ask Macaya and not me”

This past Sunday there were different ‘tightenings’ by Team Patriota – a group led by the former leader of the White Claw, Francis Munozalias pancho malo-against representatives of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) for their participation in the talks on a new constituent process.

One of the first affected was the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya, who was intercepted by this group and Pancho Malo, who criticized his participation in the search for a new Constitution, since the group wants to maintain the current Magna Carta. On Sunday night, another video went viral in which Team Patriota “pressed” the former UDI deputy, Mary Joseph Hoffman and her husband Gonzalo Muller in the counts.

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Given these facts, the political world condemned the actions of Pancho Malo and his group, maintaining that this type of action is a danger to democracy. Even representatives of the Republican Party, such as Jose Antonio Kast, criticized what happened, who was repudiated by Pancho Malo for forgetting the group’s support in his 2021 election campaign.

However, not all members of the Republican Party think similarly, since the interview that the deputy of the community had, Chiara Barchesion the podcast of Channel 13 Central Table, where it is not clear when asked if he considers this way of acting violent.

“When someone is disrespected, it is obviously violent, but that (…) I think you have to ask Macaya and not me, who was not there,” said the parliamentarian.

Faced with this response, the journalist asks the deputy if she considers this act legitimate, to which Barchiesi replies: “I think it’s not right, it’s something that must be avoided anyway… that.”

Video via Twitter: @josemdelpino

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