The Sutna and the companies will resume the dialogue to try to resolve the conflict

The Sutna and the companies will resume the dialogue to try to resolve the conflict

The conflict has been going on for about 5 months / Photo Gustavo Amarelle

driving the Single Union of Argentine Tire Workers (SUTNA)that led by Alejandro Crespoand the companies involved in the activity will resume negotiations this Wednesday at the Ministry of Labor seeking to resolve a lengthy conflict of several monthsafter the fourth intermission agreed this Monday in the absence of an agreement.

Trade unionists and businessmen negotiated this Monday at the ministerial unit on Avenida Leandro N. Alem at 600 a way out of the serious five-month conflict, but they did not reach an agreement, for which the union ratified the general strike and the blockades of the companies.

The very conduct of the CGT ratified this Tuesday to Télam his “concern” -after the dinner held on Monday night at the Olivos residence with President Alberto Fernández- given the conflict situation in the sector, which affects “the national economy in a way”, he assured.

The parties will resume the dialogue from 2:00 p.m. this Wednesday under the supervision of the National Director of Labor Relations and Regulations, Gabriela Marcelloalthough the conflict deepened this Tuesday with the confirmation of the temporary closure of the companies.

The conflict, which began months ago over wage claims and then it deepened from other demands, it already paralyzed the production of the companies Bridgestone, Pirelli and Fate and, this Tuesday, four terminals of the automotive industry announced a similar measure.

the plant of Ford from the Buenos Aires town of General Pacheco paralyzes two shifts since Monday due to “the absence of provision of tires to equip the vehicles”, while this Tuesday the same decision was adopted by the Fiat, Chevrolet and Toyotafrom the city of Zarate.

Ford in the Buenos Aires town of General Pacheco has paralyzed two shifts since Monday due to “the absence of provision of tires to equip the vehicles”

Crespo ratified that in the meeting this Wednesday in the labor portfolio, in charge of Minister Claudio Moroni, there should be “a response from the employers who hold the country hostage”, and blamed those companies for the conflict situation.

The union, according to the leader, rejected after more than 20 hearings in the labor portfolio a salary improvement of 38%, for which several days ago it called for an indefinite strike, which it ratified, as well as the blockades to the firms.

The companies rejected the methodology used by Sutna, which they accused of having “political and trade union interests” for their membership of the Workers’ Party (PO) and for applying “illegal, authoritarian and anti-democratic practices that violate freedom of movement and work,” and indicated that the workers would receive a gross salary of $400,000 pesos on Tuesday.

For Crespo, the employers seek to impose the closure of the joint 2021-22, ignore the claims and propose an insignificant increase for 2022-23 of 38%, which Pirelli and Bridgestone denied when expressing that since last March they presented five salary increase proposals above inflation, to which “the Sutna insisted on raising the value of hours worked on weekends to 200%,” they pointed out.

The conflict seriously affects, not only the workers and the tire industry, but also the national economy and the automotive activity from the risk of the definitive departure of the companies from Argentina, some union sources maintained.

“The conflict got out of hand. At Work, at least the 2020-21 joint venture would have to be closed tomorrow. There are not so many differences there, since the union claimed 71% and the company offered 68. It was about to close , but the union refused and demanded a total agreement. The expectation is that there will be progress tomorrow,” the spokespersons said.

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