Bolivia will present 31 athletes in the II Indoor Athletics Championship

Bolivia will present 31 athletes in the II Indoor Athletics Championship

The Bolivian team is made up of 31 athletes ahead of the II Indoor Athletics Championship, which will take place this weekend in the city of Cochabamba. Around 100 athletes will participate in the event, including men and women, and 26 tests will be carried out.

The national team will be represented by David Ninavia, Vidal Basco, Daniel Toroya, Tito Ariel Hinojosa, Julián Vargas, Nery Peñaloza, Juan Manuel Gareca, Fermín González, Omar Sotomayor, Mauricio Sandoval, Enrique Bellott, José André Camacho, Rómulo Colodro, Miguel Alfaro, Mauricio Rivera and Alberto Antelo ,

They also make up the Bolivian team, in ladies, Guadalupe Tórrez, Leticia Arispe, Cecilia Gómez, Mariana Arce, Evanyelin Mayta, Jhoselyn Camargo, Tatiana Jahuira Poma, Lilian Tórrez, Lizeth Veizaga, Thaynara Méndez, Camila Jiménez, Carla Ríos, Valeria Quispe, Lucia Sotomayor and Tania Guasace.

Athletes from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Panama and Puerto Rico. Some of the participants competed in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and others in Tokyo.

The Athletic Federation of Bolivia, carried out the February 5 and 6 the national qualifier for this South American. The championship also took place in the city of the valley.

The official launch of the event took place last week in Cochabamba, where it was reported that the competitions will take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February.

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