Biden signs executive order to limit access to abortion in the United States

Once the Supreme Court of the United States made abortion illegal At the federal level, the Democrats had no choice but to face that decision at the state level.

But just five months after the November legislative elections, in which, in addition to congressmen and senators, local politicians will be elected, such as councilors and governors, the Democrats try to influence the electorate to vote for their party’s candidates. It could, if there was time, promote a referendum on the issue in the state parliaments in November. But there is no time.

Another possibility is to promote the use of the “anti-abortion” or “day after” pill, and that is precisely what the president has done this Friday Joe Biden, by signing an executive order that authorizes the Secretary of Health, Xavier Becerra, to take measures to guarantee access to abortion medication. Also to increase the protection of medical personnel within the framework of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Work Law, as well as to ensure the privacy of patients and reinforce awareness campaigns in public centers.

Accompanied by the Vice President, Kamala Harris, and Secretary Becerra, the president described the Supreme Court’s ruling as “extreme” and “totally incorrect” and mentioned the recent episode of a 10-year-old girl, who was forced to travel abroad. from the state of Indiana to have an abortion after becoming pregnant after being a victim of rape.

“A 10-year-old girl was a victim of rape, 10 years old, and was forced to have to travel out of state to Indiana to try to end the pregnancy and perhaps save her life. Imagine being that girl. I’m serious, imagine being that girl. 10 years!” Biden emphasized.

In recent weeks, the president has faced strong pressure from civil society groups and sectors of his party to take more forceful measures in order to protect abortion rights.

Biden has recognized that he cannot do anything to restore that right throughout the country after the Supreme Court ruling, for which he has asked citizens to elect the candidates for Congress in the next legislative elections who have come out in favor of supporting a federal law that shields abortion.

“For the love of God, there are elections in November, vote, vote, vote!” The president claimed in his speech at the White House after signing the executive order.

Biden said he was convinced that a “record number” of American women will vote in the November elections for congressmen who support restoring the right to abortion throughout the country, through a federal law. “This is the fastest way,” he said.

By eliminating the nature of the constitutional right to abortion, the Supreme Court ruling gave the states free rein to approve its ban, in the midst of a dispute over a 2018 law approved by the Mississippi Republican legislature to ban abortions after 3 p.m. weeks.

Following the Court’s decision, seven conservative states have banned access to voluntary termination of pregnancy and others are expected to follow this path, although not without opposition from civil society and even legal disputes.

This week, a local judge overturned a decision by Florida Governor Ron De Santis to ban abortions after 15 weeks, and restored the right of termination of pregnancy.

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