The strange syndrome suffered by a young woman who is hospitalized for laughing or crying

Natasha Coates, is a 27-year-old woman who lives in the United Kingdom, and although it seems strange, she said that she suffers from a strange disease that prevents you from feeling strong sensations such as crying, because it can cause a strong allergy.

The woman has suffered from migraines, swelling and itching in her body, all because at the age of 18, health professionals diagnosed her with mast cell activation syndrome, which is a disorder in the immune system, which generates symptoms similar to those of an allergy.

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Therefore, emotions or general activities of human life that involve crying, laughing or sweating, make this woman suffer from these symptoms, which, if not treated, they can generate a hospitalization for delicately affecting your health.

“Any change in my body, whether I’m crying, sad, laughing, or stressed, can trigger this chemical reaction. This happens almost every day, which is why I have been hospitalized more than 500 times.”was the story of the woman in the middle of an interview for the New York Post.

In addition, he also said that liquid products such as spray deodorants, scented candles, or any liquid that contains elements that are harmful to your body, can be very harmful to your health.

In this way, Nathasha has had to fight this disease, because at every moment she lives a complete nightmare every time she begins to feel slight discomfort, because it is where the symptoms that cause the alteration of this strange syndrome originate.

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However, this has not prevented her from being successful throughout her life, since despite the strange conditions caused by this disease, she She works as a gymnast and within her house she keeps 22 titles within the elite field, and 44 medals that she has won with her effort.

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