Bias or political conformism?

A look with a deep analysis, about the behavior of some citizens in electoral times who, at the time of choosing their candidates, that moment in which they decide to vote, give full confidence to those who have the mission of carrying out everything a country, you bet on the same ones that continue branded as part of the corrupt thread.

At a delicate moment, with high rates of corruption, with impoverishment, unemployment, armed robberies, with all kinds of violence in all areas, scams, with the system that is currently failing, a critical panorama, where justice works “firewood”, among other problems that we see daily, corruption is a threat to the legitimacy of democracy that affects the country’s economic system.

Some types of corruption such as: collusion, extortion, bribery, fraud, influence peddling, among others are usually normalized, however, what happens? the honest citizen tends to support the representatives of the corruption that takes the post that is rearranged in some political movement for the elections and that uses their parties and the humble, hard-working, and honest citizens to follow the same system of impunity. This citizen who approves of these representatives identified as “corrupt”, support: in exchange for what?, some promise?, some measly favor?, for Gs. 100,000.?, A visit with groceries, or a mattress?, Our vote is worth so little! The corrupt get “nothing”, compared to what they steal from us, and not only that, but they subjugate these citizens , just in case, he grants them some position to continue manipulating them until they become dishonest in exchange for the favor they received, taking risks, without thinking about the consequences; Meanwhile, these politicians continue to use and abuse power for their own interests. This is how this thread of impunity and corruption works, that is, the majority of citizens are responsible for continuing to support this rotten structure, it is an irony, because we ourselves “feed the monster for so little”, the people suffer, regrets, and it happens again, because we allow it.

It is public knowledge that political parties lead their co-religionists with their doctrines and principles and with their representatives who will be elected in a vote. Given the events that have occurred and with this whole situation that is unsustainable where the meaning of a true “leader” is distorted, it is time to learn and discern, to observe and bet on the candidates “without records”, the patriots, and leave aside to the same as always, who were part of previous governments and are part of this system, who did practically “nothing”, and who have innumerable complaints of irregular actions and corruption. Let’s eradicate the corrupt oligarchy once and for all!

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The entrance Bias or political conformism? was first published in The Independent.

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