Betssy Chávez after adjectives by Patricia Chirinos: "She has not apologized to me"

Betssy Chávez after adjectives by Patricia Chirinos: “She has not apologized to me”

The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), pointed out this Sunday that he has not received an apology from the congresswoman (Avanza País), for having referred to her and her management with adjectives alluding to her physique. This during the questioning of Chavez in Parliament.

The congresswoman has my phone number, she could have called me. He has not apologized to me, I understand that it has been an apology for the media”, Chavez said in an interview with TV Peru.

According to the Labor Minister, “clearly there was fraud”, since the parliamentarian “I had a written document that I was reading”, for which he requested that the investigations of the case be carried out. Yesterday he also said that he hoped that the Ethics Commission would take action on the matter.

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Apologies do not exempt her from her action […] It should have an exemplary sanction”, he added. Legislator Susel Paredes has already announced that she will denounce Chirinos before the Ethics Commission for this fact.

Betssy Chávez went to the Congress of the Republic last week to respond to the interpellatory statement against her for the air traffic controllers’ strike that took place in April.

What did Chirinos say?

During the presentation of Minister Chávez in the plenary session of Congress, Patricia Chirinos, who is also a member of the Board of Directors, made reference to the physical appearance of the member of the Cabinet as follows:

How easy it is for Minister Betssy Chávez to fill her mouth saying that she is on the side of the workers when in reality she pushes them towards formality and employment. This minister not only has an appetite for power, she is hungry for fame and recognition, that’s why she treats the press with disdain when they question her or reveal gross mistakes in her management “, he pointed.

Then Chirinos Venegas apologized on his social networks: “Certainly the weariness due to the incompetence of this government should not lead us to actions that can go beyond the confrontation of ideas. Therefore, my apologies to Minister Betsy Chávez, her colleagues and to all those who have been offended by part of my speech.”, wrote last Friday.


Francisco Sagasti reiterated that the mandate of President Pedro Castillo and Congress should be recalled. (PRP)

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