Embajada impulsa que Corea sea Expo 2030

Embassy encourages Korea to be Expo 2030

the embassy of South Korea he welcomed the good relations with the country and announced the interest in hosting the World Expo 2030, in the city of Busan, a port destination.

In a statement, the legation supports the formal request made by its country to obtain the organization of the universal event, with the motto “Transforming our world, navigating towards a better future.” There are five candidates for the exhibition that will take place from May 1 to October 31, 2030.

Korea highlights that it has extraordinary technological potential, mega infrastructures in Busan and a powerful trading system, which is why it seeks to be chosen as the protagonist of the exhibition that has four other candidates: Rome, Moscow, Odessa (in Ukraine) Riyadh (Arabia) and Korea. In November 2023, in Paris Francethe country to which they grant the seat must be decided.

In 2020 it corresponded to the United Arab Emirates, which developed it in the district Dubai South.

Read below: Arab countries and organizations congratulate the new president of the Emirates

The Arab countries and organizations of the Middle East today congratulated Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his appointment as new president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)which was announced a day after the death of his half-brother and former head of state, Khalifa bin Zayed.

In a statement, the secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Nayef Falah Mubaraj Hajraf, welcomed the new Emirati president and predicted “the beginning of a new era and a historic stage in his blessed path” as leader of a country “that inspires respect and admiration in the world”.

In addition, He wished that “the security, prosperity and stability” of the Emirates be perpetuated during the mandate of Bin Zayed, the third president of the country since its foundation in 1971.

The United Arab Emirates discreetly fires its president Khalifa bin Zayed

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OCI), which brings together 57 Muslim-majority countriesindicated in another statement that the new head of state, 61, is “the best successor of the best predecessor”, and expressed confidence that Bin Zayed will continue the legacy of his half-brother Khalifa.

For his part, the president of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al Asumi, wished “success” for the new president “in this important stage in the history of the UAE, to continue the process of construction, development and prosperity that laid its foundations and built its solid structure.

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