Beach and country houses: What are the favorite destinations to enjoy summer 2022?

Beach and country houses: What are the favorite destinations to enjoy summer 2022?

The It has brought about many changes and it is that people can no longer expose themselves in public places freely. For this reason, a large number of citizens have decided where they enjoy the sun and their families with the tranquility of not catching the .

The summer season is no longer the favorite to be able to leave the city, but now, in search of safety and comfort in the face of massive infections and the advance of remote work, the people of Lima decided to move away from the main infectious focus that are the busiest places in the capital. That is why the search for country houses in Lima reached its highest peak in September 2020 with more than 40 thousand searches.

The pandemic effect

According to this latest Attach visibility study, during confinement, the Lima residents chose to move away from the city, thus looking for houses in northern Peru such as Punta Sal, Máncora, Las Pocitas, Tortugas, Vichayito and others near Tumbes.

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However, with the advance of vaccination, beach houses in Lima became the favorite, at the virtual search level, since July of last year and in November they managed to surpass those in the north.

On the other hand, with regard to permanent residences, the demand for country houses was on the rise, since people chose to buy these houses due to their flexibility with respect to the climate and proximity, as the study shows, it is observed that the requirement of properties in the field represents 20.8% of the total searches for houses.

Most wanted features

Although the fact of escaping from the city is the most comforting for the people of Lima, everyone has special requirements when renting or buying a property. Thus, 72% of people interested in acquiring a home, choose because the place has a pool from which they can take advantage of the season. In addition, 45% require grills to be able to share with their family and 95% request that the place be fully furnished.

An asset for rent or for sale

The need for families to avoid contagions has led them to move more to houses outside the city. Thus, the demand for the sale of country properties has increased by 24.8% compared to 2020. However, when searching for beach houses, rents continue to predominate as users’ favorites, being 96.2%.

This difference is due to the timelessness of its use, since beach houses are less used in winter, while country houses are in high demand all year round. This is reflected at the time of the search, given that the keywords with respect to field properties have tripled in the pandemic and it remains until now. Along with them, Cieneguilla has been the most required area in online inspection.


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