BCB offers "Christmas Bonus" with an interest rate of 6.5%

BCB offers “Christmas Bonus” with an interest rate of 6.5%

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The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) offers and makes available to the population the “BCB Christmas Bonus” with an attractive interest rate of 6.5% and that is above the yield granted by financial institutions for a term deposit fixed (DPF).

It is a reliable and safe investment alternative that allows you to save the money for a specified period and guarantees the return of the capital at maturity plus the interest generated at the established rate.

For this year, the interest rate is 6.5% with a term of nine months or 273 days and the bond is available from November 9 to March 31, 2022.

For example, if an investment of 15,000 bolivianos is made in the acquisition of the securities, the yield or profit at the end of the 9-month term will be 739 bolivianos.

The limit of bonds that a person can acquire is 200 securities, which is equivalent to 200 thousand Bolivians. This amount is in addition to what is established for the holding of other direct sale securities.

The securities are dematerialized, for this reason, when you buy them, you only receive a certificate. If this paper is lost, the investment rights are not lost.


Christmas BCB bonds can be purchased from Monday to Saturday at all Banco Unión agencies or branches.

Those interested only have to present a valid identity document issued in the country, which can be an identity card or passport and a respective photocopy.

You must be over 18 years of age or, failing that, acquire the bonds in the company of a person of legal age.

Once the securities are acquired, they can be transferred to another natural person, paying a transfer fee. Current regulations do not allow Christmas BCB bonds to be acquired by legal entities or financial entities.

At the expiration date, you can withdraw the capital and interest generated in Banco Unión with the identity card or passport, registration certificate of the National Tax Service (SIN) with security code, valid for five days and the main or secondary activity that indicates: placement of capital. If this document is not presented, 13% of the RC-VAT of the interest earned is withheld.

BCB data up to November 18 show that for a 360-day DPF four banks offer, depending on each one, an interest rate that ranges from 3% to 4.3% and a single institution grants 7.1% . In the multiple banks specialized in microfinance, the rates range between 5.1% and 5.9%.

The Christmas season bonds are issued in favor of natural persons and their essential purpose is to postpone expenses (especially in imported goods) that the public usually incur at the end of the year.

In 2020, in line with the expansionary orientation of the issuing entity, the direct sale of public securities decreased significantly compared to past management and reached only 128 million bolivianos (BCB-Directo and BCB-Navideño bonds), the entity reported.

200 values
equivalent to Bs 200 thousand
is the bonus limit
that can be purchased.

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