At the last minute: the parliamentarians who laughed or cried before their time

At the last minute: the parliamentarians who laughed or cried before their time

Only 703 votes made a difference. Although he remained cautious on social networks, late at night several considered the two Van Rysselberghe defeated. However, in a last minute movement of the votes, Enrique van Rysselberghe managed to advance a few meters and arrive as an elected senator from the Biobío Region, unlike his sister Jacqueline, who remained below the ship in the Ñuble Region. On the other side of the coin, that meant the abrupt fall of his partner on the list, Iván Norambuena, who even put on the table the possibility of reviewing the vote count after this turn.

The new senator, Van Rysselberghe, shared several posts on his social networks echoing his last minute advantage, in which he “turned it around” in the last leg before the finish line.

In the 10th district, sectors of Comunes were satisfied watching how Emilia Schneider and René Naranjo entered the list of deputies. However, that good painting did not last until the end. The journalist failed to pass the last fences and it was the communist Alejandra Placencia who managed to reach the goal. On his Twitter account, Naranjo wrote: “We were inside for a few minutes, and we could feel the emotion of representing # Distrito10 And although we finally did not make it, rest assured that this is only the beginning and we are committed to achieving a Fair, equitable and truly supportive Chile. We continue! “.

District 12 had its own thing, too. The very high vote obtained by the Humanist deputy Pamela Jiles (more than 77 thousand votes) made her companions on the list drag in the last round, leaving down Matías Toledo, from the Shishigang Social Coordinator, who had more than 22 thousand votes, compared to the little more than 2 thousand that Mónica Arce and Hernán Palma, from the PH, added in total.

Finally, independence played a trick on César Leiva, the former Comptroller, in district 8. He achieved the second highest vote in that district (34,704 votes), after Carmen Hertz (48,806 votes), but failed to remain on the payroll, because he did not reach the percentage that he required as an independent.

In his social networks he said: “I managed to be the ninth majority of deputies with 34,940 votes. 2nd in the district that elects 8 deputies. And no, I did not get a seat. They have asked me for self-criticism, and yes, a little more effort was lacking. I think that vote was also a consequence of being independent outside the pact. “

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