Astesiano has a security company and the Ministry of the Interior denied providing information

Astesiano has a security company and the Ministry of the Interior denied providing information

How many businesses does Alejandro Astesiano have? Something new always appears in the chats. In one of them, the former custodian says “Ferreira, you know I need you to do something for me.” It is the voice of Alejandro Astesiano who asks the former National Police Deputy Director, Héctor Ferreira, to intercede for him before the management, the one in charge of inspecting the firms that provide private security. The request was very specific: “I need to have an interview with Henry de León.”
The chat was published by the weekly Brecha, Astesiano asked for help because he had been fined 180,000 pesos. And the former custodian tells Ferreira: “They are killing me. I have everything in order, everything impeccable. I do not have it in my name so that it does not complicate ”, he confesses in the audio published this Friday the 24th in the weekly Gap. “I want to have a personal interview with him, which the president told me to ask for, which is the best. Do not tell him anything, but it is so, ”he added, according to what was published by Brecha
The meeting that Astesiano requested took place on February 1, and he says “A capo” De León “saved my life,” he tells Ferreira Astesiano. And he adds: “Besides, there are other inmates that I will tell you live and direct so that Luis, the one, knows them,” he added.
The declared owner of the security company SSG is a former police intelligence agent, Commissioner Darwin Lorenzo. According to his resume, he worked for the US and Israeli embassies. He is in several Astesiano chats because he asks him for a public job, reports Brecha.
The Ministry of the Interior refused to provide the information, considering it confidential, arguing “personal data,” says Brecha.

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