Minister Pino tours the border point of Cañas Blancas

During a work tour in the province of Darién, the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, together with the directors of the Security Forces, toured the border area of ​​Cañas Blancas, where between 700 and 800 people pass daily. irregular migrants.

The Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, pointed out that this is an inhospitable point in Panama where entire families go looking for a better future towards the United States, being the nationals of Venezuela, Haiti and Ecuador the most frequent.

“We made a visit to the units that daily receive and care for these people who come from the vast jungles of Darién. This is an area that is 3 km from the Colombian-Panamanian border”, indicated the minister.

So far this year, 78,585 migrants have passed; Only in the month of March, 29,294 crossed, exceeding the figures of last month where 24,657 irregular migrants passed through: the head of Public Security reported.

During his work tour to the province of Darién, the minister participated in the graduation ceremony of 146 units that completed the 5th Basic Border Course, which aims to reinforce tactical-operational procedures in rural areas, providing them with knowledge and skills to dismantle possible threats that attempt to destabilize the security of communities in border areas.

The Minister of Public Security, Juan M. Pino, pointed out that this course is of vital importance for the institutional and professional growth of the operating units in the communities.

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