Aspiring JRM president and secretary assure Abinader is the only one who has worked for young people

Aspiring JRM president and secretary assure Abinader is the only one who has worked for young people

Santo Domingo, DR. The Political Movement +Cambio Joven, held a massive act in support of the aspirations of Carlos Valdez and José Gabriel Sosa, who respectively aspire to be president and general secretary of the youth of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

With the assistance of thousands of young people from all the municipalities of the country, the Club Mauricio Báez was packed, in a meeting colored by re-election speeches in favor of President Abinader, raised as a necessity for the young people of the Dominican Republic to achieve their goals of the hand of whom, according to them, is the only one that has worked in favor of that social segment.

In the activity they also participated, on behalf of the deputies of the movement; Félix Hiciano and the senators; Eddy Nolasco, as well as several nationally relevant figures from the government party structures, who assured that with the work and enthusiasm of +Cambio Joven, there is no doubt that Luis Abinader will continue to direct the destinies of the country.

In this sense, the coordinator of the youth movement, Dawrin Cedeño, assured that with the unrestricted support for the aforementioned candidacies, the national need for President Luis Abinader to accept the presidential nomination again and be re-elected for 4 more years to complete the good work you have been doing for the benefit of Dominican youth.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Sosa, aspiring secretary general of the young modern revolutionaries, stated that the only way to contribute to the good government of Luis Abinader is by giving opportunity to those whose goal is the technical and academic training of the young militancy of the PRM, to put them at the service of the party and society.

“We must promote training so that when we are called to serve in government, we can have the necessary tools to contribute to the great work of President Luis Abinader, this society wants him to continue his work, his commitment is inescapable with the homeland and with the party For this reason, listen to me carefully, the young people of the PRM demand 4 more years,” Sosa said.

In their speeches, the also candidates for vice president and undersecretary Raúl Reynoso, Raquel Sarita, Eriberto González and Richard Carmona; They expressed their intentions to reorganize the youth of the ruling party and to continue pushing the work of Abinader’s government so that there is more independent justice, more culture, more equality, more employment and more change.

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