Milk consumption can prevent some diseases

Milk consumption can prevent some diseases

Within the framework of World Milk Day, to be celebrated on June 1, the Swedish transnational Tetra Pak highlights the importance of daily consumption of this food, considered one of the most complete, to strengthen our body’s defenses.

According to Tetra Pak research, people around the world are prioritizing food safety to maintain good health. Here dairy products have become important allies to keep our immune system strong and help fight different diseases that can manifest themselves in the face of a weakened defense system.

For the Pan American Dairy Federation- FEPALE, the regular consumption of dairy products such as milk and within a balanced diet substantially reduces the development of chronic non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, certain types of cancer such as colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and cerebrovascular accidents.

A portion of dairy products provides our body with a considerable percentage of the nine essential nutrients recommended in daily intake for the proper growth and development of the human being. These nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorus, pantothenic acid and vitamin B12, are directly related to the functioning of our immune system.

Likewise, dairy products contain essential fats that provide various nutritional benefits and are considered bioactive ingredients such as oleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (come only from ruminants), components that influence cellular and physiological activities, obtaining, after consumption, a beneficial effect on health.

To make the most of the benefits of milk, its safety, quality and safety must be guaranteed at the time of consumption. One of the safest containers currently on the market are the Tetra Pak beverage cartons.

A complete and balanced diet is essential to keep the immune system healthy and robust, which is why dairy products are allies for this functioning since they stimulate the defenses and help to form a natural barrier of defenses against harmful agents.

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