List 12 proposes that Alfredo Sánchez not be a white candidate “for life”

List 12 proposes that Alfredo Sánchez not be a white candidate “for life”

The Departmental Executive Committee of the List 12 Fresh Air sector led by Ricardo Planchon Geymonat in the current situation due to cases of corruption and embezzlement of public money in the Municipality of Florencio Sanchez involving political leaders; resolves unanimously:

1- Reaffirm in its entirety the statement issued by our sector in October 2021 in the face of the events that occurred in the town of Florencio Sanchez in which the mayor of the city was involved in conjunction with councilors, a departmental mayor, his son, and relatives of the himself in addition to a businessman hired by said municipality.

2- Before the vote in the Constitution and Legislation Commission of the Senate to file the political trial against Alfredo Sanchez, our leader Ricardo Planchon communicated with the senators of our sector to request that the vote be reviewed and corrected and therefore the trial be voted on politician said Hierarch today in prison.

3- Ask the National Party board of directors to disqualify the former mayor of the town of Florencio Sanchez, Mr. Alfredo Sanchez, imprisoned for corruption, from using the National Party motto for life, as well as the others involved in this case.

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