Art and creativity careers in Peru that allow you to create your own brand

Art and creativity careers in Peru that allow you to create your own brand

Art is a very dynamic and flexible discipline, so it is possible to link it with different training spaces, where depending on the approach, it complements the value of a career and of any professional with a vision of multidisciplinary entrepreneurship.

Carlos García-Montero, head of the academic area of ​​the Escuela de Arte y Creatividad Corriente Alterna, tells us about the new careers that we can find today and that are linked to the technological world.

“Graphic design is a career that allows you to be more creative in the world, as it offers you the possibility of working with great flexibility independently and from anywhere. It is a very dynamic career that allows you to have constant learning”, he added.

Likewise, the specialist indicated that there is currently a high demand for professionals in this career and that it has a very good remuneration, “The Boomerang employment agency and the Ministry of Labor did an investigation and the average salary of a senior graphic designer reaches more or less from 2,300 to 5,000, depending on the type of company,” he specified.

Benefits of the digital age

For Carlos García-Montero, what the digital age has brought as a benefit when studying an art degree is the ability of students to develop other types of skills that are not promoted so directly in a face-to-face space, such as, for example, : problem solving, the distribution of the limited work space, creativity in terms of materiality, among others.

Similarly, Carlos highlights that, despite having been in a pandemic, art is a discipline that is quite dynamic. In this confinement, many people took advantage and decided to train and specialize, however, an art professional could easily teach a course related to art.

Another example can be seen from the needs generated by digital enterprises born massively during the pandemic. All these new businesses, at different levels, are an opportunity to generate alliances with recognized brands in terms of art direction, design or other artistic disciplines such as performance, where proposals or visual experiences gain importance by representing style or identity. of brands and their products on digital platforms, adding value to them.


The visual arts is one of the most productive industries and involves different disciplines and approaches that allow you to dedicate yourself or specialize as an entrepreneur in, for example, curatorship, gallery management, production in general, art advisory, art direction, among other independent professions.

That at the same time, does not rule out that you can generate your own brand as an artist and create different production lines. There are also the performing arts, where one can devote himself to acting and dance, always being able to make his own creations and productions. You can get more information on our website

Given the increase in infections and the advance of the third wave in Peru, Carlos García-Montero mentions 4 benefits of studying an art career virtually:

  • Space-time: being able to study from home as long as you have the space to do so.
  • Being a professional in the new virtual world: Prepared for internationalization and the new challenges of art in the world of virtuality
  • Define aesthetic components: explore techniques, materials and tools from a digital perspective as well.
  • Develop other soft skills that are required in a competent professional today: communication skills, ability to summarize and focus, organization and distribution of space and materiality.

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