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Arreaza says that the Mirandina consultation is exemplary

Arreaza says that the Mirandina consultation is exemplary

The Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, described the Miranda Popular Consultation 2023 as exemplary, the second to be carried out in the entity, since with it it is the people’s power who decides how the resources allocated for care will be used of your needs.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Arreaza mentioned that community members from all over the country are participating in the day, in the more than 1,708 electoral centers set up for consultation.

He clarified that, although the resources will be assigned to a specific project, the others will not be discarded, since they come from the bases of the town, reports AVN.

“It was a construction of each communal council, of each commune with their spokespersons by area, and then they, by parish, recommended what should go on the ballot used this Sunday,” said the Minister.

Some of the projects contained in the popular consultation ballot, and specified by the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, are aimed at the area of ​​health, education, culture, roads and transportation.

For her part, the Minister for Higher Education, Sandra Oblitas, stated that the Mirandino people are actively participating in fundamental decision-making for the communities.

“Today we are seeing how this people is making the Constitution lively letter, it is the leading participation through this mechanism, this exercise, giving participation in the making of fundamental decisions”, highlighted the minister.

He also congratulated the Governor of Miranda and all the actors who did to make this space alive, he explained that, “enabling decision-making that also means responsibility and co-responsibility with what is going to be done and that without a doubt is the construction of the homeland that is drawn in the constitution”.

Likewise, Oblitas stressed that “we are today in a day of joy, of happiness for that responsibility that we are assuming as a people.”

In this context, the deputy to the National Assembly for the Petare parish, Gabriela Chacón, explained that the proposals that are being consulted today derived from work groups that were carried out, managing to establish the existing commitments and weaknesses in each of the Miranda parishes. .

“We are going to continue strengthening the union, the family and above all the loyalty and commitment that we have with Venezuela, and as Venezuelans,” said Chacón.

Finally, Deputy Chacón indicated that Mirandinos have mobilized early to the different voting centers to participate in the popular consultation, and invited those who have not yet done so to leave their homes to support the projects for the benefit of their communities.

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