Six people remain hospitalized after attack in Aracruz

Army and Navy soldiers make a mistake and are killed in Rio

Two soldiers, a sergeant from the Army and another from the Navy, were tortured, killed and had their bodies charred, early on Saturday (3), in São Pedro da Aldeia, in the Lagos Region. Police officers from the 25th Battalion of the Military Police (Cabo Frio) received a call that there was a car on fire on Estrada da Caveira, in the Lagos Region. At the scene, an abandoned vehicle with two charred bodies was found in the forest area.Army and Navy soldiers make a mistake and are killed in Rio

According to the PM, the military would be in São Pedro da Aldeia to spend the weekend. So far, no one has been arrested. The case is being investigated by the 125th DP (São Pedro da Aldeia).

One of the victims is Army Sergeant Julio Cesar Mikaloski, a resident of Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense. He left two minor children, aged 3 and 10. According to information from the families, the soldier and his friend would have gone to spend the weekend in the Lagos Region, when they took the wrong path and were approached by criminals who control the region. They were killed and the charred bodies inside a car, probably one of the victims.

Civil Police reported that agents seek footage from security cameras and hear witnesses. Investigations are being carried out to determine the authorship of the crime. The bodies were taken to the Instituto Médico-Legal in Cabo Frio, where material for DNA testing is collected. No date has been set for the burial of the victims.

In a note, the Social Communication Section of the Eastern Military Command (CML) informs that “the case is in charge of the public security organs, and it is not up to the CML to comment on ongoing investigations”. At this time of consternation, the Command is providing full support and sympathizes with family and friends.

The 1st Naval District was also approached, but declined to comment on the case. He said that any information will be provided on the official website of the Navy.

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