Argentina protests the presence of Iranian claimed in Ortega's inauguration

Argentina protests the presence of Iranian claimed in Ortega’s inauguration

Argentina condemned this Tuesday (01.11.2022) the presence in the inauguration of the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, of the Iranian Vice Minister Mohsen Rezai, one of those accused of the attack against the AMIA Jewish center that caused 85 deaths in Buenos Aires in 1994. “The Argentine Republic expresses its strongest condemnation of the presence of Mohsen Rezai in the act of inauguration” de Ortega, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“It constitutes an affront to Argentine justice and to the victims of the brutal terrorist attack against the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA), committed on July 18, 1994” in Buenos Aires, he added. Ambassador Daniel Capitanich was the only representative of Argentina at the ceremony in which Ortega assumed his fourth consecutive term on Monday. “The Argentine Government demands once again from the Government of Iran full cooperation with the Argentine Justice, allowing the people who have been accused of participating in the attack against the AMIA to be tried by the competent courts,” the text added.

The AMIA board of directors demanded that the government of Alberto Fernández Capitanich did not retire at the time Rezai, to whom his own son, while living as a political refugee in the United States, introduced himselfHe pointed out as responsible for the 1994 attack, although he later retracted. Argentine Foreign Ministry sources confirmed to Efe that Capitanich will send a diplomatic cable to confirm what he already transmitted by phone this Tuesday to his hierarchical superiors: that “he never met, nor greeted, nor did he know that the Iranian was at the event.”

Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America, with some 300,000 members, and maintains diplomatic relations with Iran at the charge d’affaires level. Already last August Argentina repudiated Rezai’s appointment as Vice President of Economic Affairs of Iran, among other appointments of defendants by the Argentine justice in the government of Tehran, among them the Minister of the Interior, Ahmad Vahidi.

Rezai, who at the time of the attack was the commander of the Iranian revolutionary guard, is part of the group of senior Iranian officials claimed by the Argentine justice who accuses them of having participated in the decision-making and planning of the attack on the Jewish center. Before the attack on the AMIA in 1992, the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires was the target of another attack, with a balance of 29 dead and 200 wounded, also unpunished.


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