Argentina plans to recover diplomatic relations with Venezuela

Argentina plans to recover diplomatic relations with Venezuela

The Argentine president Alberto Fernandez received in Buenos Aires to the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lassowith whom he talked about different topics including international relations.

In a joint press conference, Fernandez I affirm that Venezuela their situation has improved in recent months and that that’s why he wants restore diplomatic relations.

“As a first step, the Argentina wants to regain its diplomatic ties with Venezuela. It is a step that we are taking and that I really call you to all Latin American countries for us to review it because Venezuela It’s been a tough time,” he said. Albert Fernandez.

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the president of Argentina He gave some reasons like UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet intervened and worked alongside the government of Nicholas Maduro. But also that some problems have dissipated and that it has advanced in the electoral process together with the Contact Group.

Currently the relations between Venezuela and Argentina are at the level of charge d’affaires, and under the previous government of Mauricio Macriwas one of the most active countries in the Lima group.

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