For Pablo Moyano, "Justice has a strategic alliance with the right"

For Pablo Moyano, "Justice has a strategic alliance with the right"

Moyano believes that for the right not to win, the key is to maintain unity. / Photo: Victoria Gesualdi.

The truckers general secretary and co-secretary general of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), Pablo Moyano said h that “Justice is no longer independent but has a strategic alliance with the right”praised the official measures announced this Monday to improve income and considered that the opposition seeks power to “cut public spending and take away workers’ rights.”

Consulted by the conduction that the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horacio Rosatti, performs from the lubes, in the Council of the Magistracy, Moyano said – in statements to Télam Radio – that “another power has interfered in the Magistracy, where they will surely put all the union judges who are followers of their political party and it is very dangerous.”

“When we accompanied the march to the Supreme Court on February 1, it was to warn that Justice is no longer independent but it has a strategic alliance with the right”, he said in this regard.

Then, the head of Truckers lashed out at the opposition. “All the cards are already laid, they have all the media power, now the judiciary,” she complained.

“What they have done yesterday with the Supreme Court is something very serious institutionally,” he added.

And he added: “The only thing they want is to continue wearing down the government. I don’t think they will win the elections again, but they aim to continue wearing down and come to power”according to Moyano guided by a single objective: “Cut public spending and take away all the rights of workers.”

To prevent it, he said that “the important thing is to maintain unity” because “it would be very dangerous for the right to return“.

About the measures announced by President Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, Moyano asserted that in a context of “world crisis and in particular the one experienced in our country, putting money in the pocket of those who have less is important“.

“One would like a much larger increase, but in this context, giving money to both retirees and colleagues who do not have a formal job is progress,” Moyano said, adding that “the parity is still free” and each union ” He is discussing his job increase based on his activity.

The announced measures include an income boost of $18,000 for informal and private household workers and monotributistas, as well as an aid of $12,000 for retirees and pensioners, to offset the impact of inflation on these vulnerable sectors of the population.

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