Mario Bergara: “We have three months ahead of us without any impact from the measure”

The Senator of wide frontMario Bergara, was asked about the measures government economics. The former Minister of Economy agreed with the measures, but in any case recognized that it is not enough.

About them, he maintained that “It is something; we can value it in that sense, but it does not even remotely solve a situation ». “And that revenues are going to be falling in real terms,” ​​said Senator Mario Bergara. He added that this will “depend on how prices and inflation evolve. The increase to the public and pensions, would be around 9% as of July and we have an inflation that is above that figure.

“We have three months ahead of us without any impact from the measure. Therefore, it is essential on what we have been proposing these days, to not only work on the income side, but also on the price side. Therefore, the proposal to temporarily reduce the VAT on the family basket is still on the table, but from the first of May and not from the first of August.

On whether the measure weighs more in relation to the announcement, Bergara said that “it is likely.” Mainly “because we are going to see what happens with the private sector. We had expressed these days that one of the problems we had is that the private sector did not have incentives to give increases above what had been given despite the rise in prices, because the messages from the government did not go in that direction » .

In the “right” direction, Bergara argued.

He argued that “yesterday’s announcement and calling some tables is a message in the right direction. Hopefully it will be taken by the private sector in a good way and even if it is by a part of sectors that are clearly in a position to give salary increases. There are many sectors of the economy that are doing very well. Let’s have some palliative, even if it is of a modest magnitude, for the private sector,” argued Bergara.

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