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Archangel to Venezuelans: Someday not too far away we will see each other for real

Venezuelan Archangel
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reggaeton Archangel sent a new message to Venezuelans, assuring that he will return to the country one day “not too far away” and it will be an “epic party.”

Through his social networks, the interpreter of “I got used to it” shared a video of a concert that took place in Caracas on the terrace of the CCCT on the night of this Friday, April 22. In the event called Trappp Fest, various artists performed, including DJ Luian.

In the material published by Arcángel, the attendees sang a fragment of one of his songs that DJ Luian put on.

“Last night in Venezuela, Arcángel was there without being there,” wrote the reggaeton player. At the same time that he mentioned the words that the singer Omar Enrique addressed to him, who pointed out that “no one was aware” of the artist.

“Thanks to all the public who do not know who I am for supporting me and giving me love even without being physically with you! Someday not too far away we will see each other for real. And believe me the rumba will be epic and even better, true and genuine! No screens to confuse the world,” she commented.

In addition, he sent another message to the merengue player, pointing out that what currently seems impossible will soon be a reality.

“Tell that prince of a meringue that is heard under the earth, that there is no evil that lasts 100 years or a body that resists it. That the truth convinces, he does not shout. And that what seems impossible today will only be a disastrous memory tomorrow. I love you Venezuela! ”, He concluded.

Arcángel assured Venezuelans that his return will be with an “epic” rumba

In recent days, Omar Enrique and Arcángel staged a “war” of insults after the reggaeton player published a video asking Venezuelan producers not to call him to appear in the country.

“Here nobody is looking after you and nobody has called you because we know you are not going to come. Don’t be stupid, fool,” the Venezuelan singer told the interpreter of “You prefer me” to me.

For his part, Arcángel replied: “I am not among the 20 reggaeton players, I am among the best. Where is that meringue that you are a prince from?

The renowned singer is one of the artists who has openly expressed that he will not perform in Venezuela until he is free.

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